Marie Arondeau - HagerSmith

Marie Arondeau - HagerSmith

300 S Dawson St, Raleigh, NC 27601

January - February


Both a kinesthetic and visual learner I am most happy when I can channel my creative energies using those avenues.   I have been taking photographs since the early 90s when I began my studies at SUNY @ Purchase College with a mixed major in Photography and Environmental Science.  Environment, movement, and the human form inspire much of my work.

Dreamscapes is a body of work that has been shot over the past two years.  The images were composed in the camera, using double exposures and sometimes, a fish eye lens.  They are tweaking the natural world into magical, dream like places.  They are a dance between reality and fantasy.  In our current climate, both environmental and political, I hope they offer a momentary escape.