The Walls We Build

The Walls We Build

June 1 - July 27, 2018
United Arts Council

The Walls We Build is the inaugural theme for the artist UNITED to ask and explore “how people treat each other.” Walls, both physical and metaphorical, exist throughout the world. They have an application of separating people and places. As such, the question “how people treat each other” bares the deeper consideration of why humans desire to split and divide themselves. Highly political and personal in its foundation, UNITED states “Our strength as citizens and as artists arises from our ability to question and debate issues, contradictions and ironies that confront us.”


Mark Abercrombie - bRaIn, woman on the mountain
David Barkhau - Open Your Heart
Jill Ciccone Pike - Waiting
Kyndall Cortes - They Don't Know
L Heartwalter - Odd Maude
Randy McNamara - Doomed to repeat
Richard Perry - A la Cerca (At the Fence)
Nicholas Portanova - The Wall, Where do we go from here?
Liz Roetzel - Crowd Size Matters
Barbara Thomas - Abstracted Interior