Catherine Vorseky & Cindy Morefield / HagerSmith PA

Translucent Qualities 

August - September 2016
First Friday Receptions: August 5 & September 2, 6-9pm
300 S. Dawson Street, Raleigh, NC 27601


Artist Statement
I grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina, steeped in the wild, rugged, natural environment of the Appalachians. I started painting and drawing in high school, attempting to interpret the rich colors of the world around me onto paper. I continued this practice in my adult life when time permitted.

Then I discovered the magical world of photography. About 9 years ago, a dear friend gave me a Sony point and shoot digital camera and I began to see the world in a surprising new way. The limited frame of the camera meant that I could see the composition, colors and lighting more immediately. I could feel my creative spirit expanding. 

During my first photography class at the Carrboro Arts Center, I bought a digital SLR camera and really had fun with the many, almost infinite, possibilities of settings. The homework assignments began to give me more control over the final images and more creative ideas. I began to intentionally focus on composition. In subject matter I moved from flowers and landscapes here in NC to wildlife in Costa Rica. 

My current work is capturing the essence of light and reflection. Some of the images are on smooth aluminum. The metal enhances the ephemeral and translucent qualities of the light. Many thanks to Image Wizards for the beautiful aluminum prints. They are based in Lexington, NC and everything they use is made in the USA. 



Artist Statement
I’m Cindy Morefield, and I make paintings that explore color, materiality and process, and I love to share these works with the world.

I also love to collaborate. Whether I’m creating a commissioned painting for a collector, working with galleries and dealers to find good homes for my work, co-creating with other artists, helping others create, planning my year, or cooking a meal, I’m learning that it’s incredibly fun, energizing and effective for me to create with others.

The pursuit of education, employment, and adventure has taken me from my hometown of Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia (yep, it’s on the border) to all fifty United States, Canada, Israel, Palestine, and Italy. Along the way I earned a BA in Studio Art from the University of Mary Washington and an MFA in Painting from Northern Illinois University. In addition to making and selling art, I’ve worked as an election official, college art instructor, private art instructor, Human Resources clerk, secretary, bookseller, barrista, and library assistant.

These days, when I’m not in the studio, you’re likely to find me reading, keeping up with my friends, family and collaborators, walking around our lovely town, hiking in the woods, playing Rock Band, working on our fixer-upper house, or doing something related to food. When I’m not traveling, I’m helping my husband attend to the needs and desires of our magnificent feline, Fannie.