THE EVERYDAY is a multi-venue, multi-discipline, cross-disability project with the curatorial goal of highlighting universal experiences, told from the disability perspective, presented in an audacious way. This project will take place in August and September of 2018. 

The project will be grounded by two visual art exhibitions: The Garden Variety, which will be mounted in VAE’s main gallery and curated by Sam West, head curator at Attenborough Arts Centre, and an exhibition exploring North Carolina through the lens of disability at the National Humanities Center, juried by Ann M. Fox, professor at Davidson College. The project will also include a keynote address, panel discussions, interactive activities, and theatrical, musical, and dance performances. This project will showcase talent from local, national, and international artists.


The Everyday project is led by an international steering committee of people and artists with disabilities and people with careers at the intersection of arts and disability. The steering committee was strategically built to give this project the national reach and perspective needed to produce something original to our region. Over the past year VAE staff has been setting up Google Hangouts for the committee and staff to convene and discuss everything from the course and scope of the purposed project to the language and presentation of it. During these Hangout meetings the committee brainstormed and made introductions to the artists, curators, and performers who make-up THE EVERYDAY.