Title Image for Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

September 28-November23, 2019

Unfinished Business is an exhibition that asked artists to submit unfinished and in-progress work for the public to comment on over the course of the exhibition.


Izosceles -
Bethany Bash - Untitled
Steven Bleicher - Abandoned Sweet Grass Hut
Lauren Collins - The Microcosm and the Macrocosm / Last Year
Chris Combs - The Road Ahead
Mary Cooke-Brown - Knot Series 1,Knitted Knot Series 1
Lily Fei - Swimming Through Cubic Gates, Orwell's Dream
Amanda Gaebel - Samantha and Delilah
Philip Krejcarek - untitled 2
Ruth Little - Glen Eden Morning
Daria Mikhailova - #21.4, #25.2
Janaina Ramos - STODGY
Chris Revelle - Living Monuments
Beth Younger - Jazzy City High-Rise