Title Image for Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

VAE’s Main Gallery
September 28-November23, 2019

UNFINISHED BUSINESS is a juried exhibition of unfinished artworks. This unusual show allows viewers to experience and interact with the creative process in ways they may not have before. Visitors are encouraged to leave their suggestions, observations, and reactions on the feedback cards provided in the gallery. VAE will also be hosting an open crit night (just like those late night drunken crits from art school) over the course of the show.


Bethany Bash - Untitled
Steven Bleicher - Abandoned Sweet Grass Hut
Lauren Collins - The Microcosm and the Macrocosm / Last Year
Chris Combs - The Road Ahead
Mary Cooke-Brown - Knot Series 1,Knitted Knot Series 1
Lily Fei - Swimming Through Cubic Gates, Orwell's Dream
Amanda Gaebel - Samantha and Delilah
Izosceles - Untitled
Philip Krejcarek - untitled 2
Ruth Little - Glen Eden Morning
Daria Mikhailova - #21.4, #25.2
Janaina Ramos - STODGY
Chris Revelle - Living Monuments
Beth Younger - Jazzy City High-Rise