Putting our money where our mouth is. 

We want our summit to spark all kinds of great ideas and bring about cool new creative projects! That's why we follow up this event by offering inspired attendees a little seed money to get started! 

This year, we're going talk about arts inclusivity and empowering historically marginalized communities with our resources. Together we are all going to workshop cool solutions and come up with a list of goals and standards for the Raleigh creative community to live up to. Any attendee(s) who want to pursue projects inspired this year's summit are encouraged to apply for some project seed money to get things going. 

  • ATTEND the 2018 VAE Summit on Saturday, July 21. Participate and get your creative juices flowing!

  • FILL OUT THE APPLICATION. (COMING SOON) Your project must be somehow responsive to what we talked about at the summit.**  Deadline: AUGUST 6.

  • SHOW LOVE. Awarded artists must acknowledge VAE and a partner sponsor in all promotional materials for the project.

  • SHARE. Chosen artists may be interviewed for VAE'S social media or asked to present a project update at SPARKcon creativity festival.