How to show your work with VAE.

VAE produces 60+ exhibitions each year, displaying the work of about 1600 artists annually in our three Martin Street gallery spaces as well as in community venues around the Triangle. (Click the graphics to learn more about each venue.) Here's who, what, and how we show:

WHO: Everyone!

VAE levels the playing field for emerging artists. Most of VAE's exhibits are group shows blind juried by curators and art professionals from around the country. This allows artists' work to evaluated purely on merit rather than resume content, leveling the playing field for emerging artists. We also coordinate non-juried exhibits to give everyone's work a chance to been seen through the year.

We don't care about your fancy resume, or lack there of. We care about the art! VAE encourages artists to think outside the box and use their creativity to engage with thoughts and issues facing their communities. Be brave! This is a safe space to try new or hard things.

To see examples of work from previous exhibitions, please visit our Flickr.

WHAT: Everything!

We love all forms of creativity, but especially art that you might not see at a traditional gallery. Performance, video, installation, 2D, 3D: yes please! VAE is a non-commercial art venue, meaning that we don't care about showing "sellable" work to pay our bills. This gives us the flexibility to show challenging, unusual, or just plain weird work.

HOW: Juried + non-juried + curated exhibits.

There are customized criteria and application guidelines for every exhibit we do. For the most accurate information on how to apply for a show, you really should read the Call for Artists for the show you're interested in. But the jist is that almost all of our applications happen online using a platform called Wufoo, which collects your images, info, and entry fee all in one easy go. And if you have trouble with any part of your application, Director of Exhibitions Kyle is just an email away.

Juried exhibits: group shows where the art is selected by important outside big wigs like museum curators, gallery owners, art professors, etc. Competitive, but worth entering to get your work in front of these fancy folks!

Non-juried exhibits: these are open groups shows with a theme. Anyone can bring work for these shows as long as it somehow fits in with the theme of the show. 

Curated exhibits: these shows are organized by a curator or curatorial team, usually around a socially conscious theme. Art for these shows is hand picked by the curator because it matches the curator's vision for his/her show. (How do you get on a curator's radar? Show up! Show your work, volunteer, make sure folks know your name.)

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