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Monét whizzed down to Earth riding a shooting star and her magnificence has only multiplied since then. She exhales music and blinks glitter. She also has a soft spot for personal pan pizzas.

Monét (she/her) is VAE's Director of Programs and our the newest member of the team. All of VAE's learning and networking events will be the product of Monét's astounding brain and wealth of experience!


  • Community Building
  • Creating a spectacle
  • Empowering creative people!   




Monét Noelle Marshall is a Durham, North Carolina-based rtist, director, producer. She serves as the Founding Artistic Director of MOJOAA Performing Arts Company, producing new works by and new opportunities for Black playwrights. Marshall explores the ways that bodies, particularly those of Black women, are used, manipulated, curated and crafted to make political statements, both with and without their consent. She does this in public spaces through performance art experiences and public art programs like Black Joy PopUp, which brings the Black community together to express joy on purpose and in more private spaces like parties and her kitchen. You can learn more about her upcoming work HERE