The power of creativity + community.

VAE's Summit (previously called Ignite) is designed to empower creative people of all persuasions by inspiring them to think bigger, make connections and become familiar with the resources available to them, both locally and nationally.


Since its founding in 1980, Visual Art Exchange (VAE) has produced exhibitions and educational programming for emerging visual artists. The core of our educational opportunities was the popular ‘Business of Being An Artist’ (BOBAA) lecture series, which expanded over the years from evening talks to all-day mini conferences. In 2014, VAE’s educational program became larger and more inclusive to better meet the needs and diversity of North Carolina’s creative community. As the internet transforms the way people learn and have access to technical and professional information, VAE's role as an artist educator has shifted in response to focus on creating learning experiences that can't be googled. This means focusing on intangibles and possibilities, on asking 'what's next?'