Heather Gordon maps the poetry of people’s lives using numbers and geometry. Focusing on the design of origami folding patterns using small data sets, she coaxes narrative from personal information including geographic locations, birthplaces of family members, dates, and time durations. Through her collaborative work with choreographer, Justin Tornow, and COMPANY dancers, she has extended her work to include site-specific installations and the interpretation of her narrative maps into movement. Her current project, “32 Algorithms for Intimacy” is a manuscript collecting drawn maps as scores to be deciphered by Tornow into a group of dances based on natural processes as relates to human emotional interactions and personal change.

Born in 1967, Heather is the daughter of an accountant and engineer. She received her B.F.A. from the University of Florida in 1990 and her M.F.A from New Mexico State University in 1995. She lives and works in Durham, NC.

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