Our model is simple: Private donations fuel the fund. Creative people apply for support. We give grants. Cool things happen.

The Story: FLIGHT was born over coffee and croissants at lucettegrace in downtown Raleigh. Jed Gant had hatched The Raleigh Murals Project. Pam Blondin had organized Raleigh’s first parklet, raleigh [  ] space. They both wondered how to keep adding fuel to Raleigh’s creative fire. Neither is known for backing down on a good idea. Enter: VAE. Visual Art Exchange’s mission is to incubate and support creativity. Perfect match. Conversations happened, excitement turned to action.

After stimulating the creative community and private funders to see their shared interest and invest in collaborations for more than three years, FLIGHT Fund’s founders see their work as done! FLIGHT Fund discontinued its work in 2016.