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"The Member of the Wedding" Presented by Star Pocket Theatre

Star Pocket Theatre presents its inaugural production, "The Member of the Wedding!" An adaptation of Carson McCullers' novel (of the same name), by the author, the story is an intimate exploration of the pain of exclusion along with the humors of adolescence. 

April 19 - April 22
April 26 - April 29
PERFORMANCE: 8pm - 10pm

"The Member of the Wedding" is an adaptation of Carson McCullers' novel of the same name, widely beloved as a treasure to the American Southern literary canon. Winner of the 1950 Critics' Circle Award for Best Play, the story focuses on adolescent Frankie Addams as she struggles to find her place in a world that seems to constantly exclude her.

In her words, Frankie is an "unjoined person". Her mother died in childbirth, and her widowed father is a distant, vacuous figure with no idea of the anxiety his daughter is experiencing. Ignored by her father and ostracized by the local girls, Frankie's only true compatriots are the family's housekeeper, Berenice Sadie Brown, and Frankie's pesky younger cousin, John Henry West. During the weekend when Frankie's brother, Jarvis, is set to be married, she fixates her affection on the couple and determines to run away with them. In her desperation to belong, Frankie hopes that the newlyweds can be what she calls, "the we of me."

The play presents complex issues of race, gender, and sexuality, their roles in the American South during the 20th century, and their complex relationships with the development of identity and intimacy. Its clever writing and sincere emotional depth shape a narrative that is gripping, dreamlike, and eerily familiar.