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Heather Gordon & Chris Vitiello - Typeface

In the day-long performance, Gordon and Vitiello turn the VAE gallery into a low-velocity particle accelerator for language that captures the wonder of that debris.

The artists will simultaneously type spontaneous, thematic text on the same paper scroll, colliding the language and responding to each other’s writing in the moment. They will literally be writing at each other. Once a long scroll begins to fill with typing, it will be hung up for visitors to read. Visitors can also read along a scroll as it is being typed on.

Visitors can visit for five minutes, drop in throughout the day, or stay all day. They can silently read or they can talk with Gordon and Vitiello, even contributing to the writing if they are moved to do so. The artists will also use sets of vocabulary cards to provide them open prompts every half-hour. Although the performance has a minimal look and feel, the artists will be casual and accessible.

Gordon and Vitiello both write in aphoristic bursts, rather than extended lyrical or narrative threads, though this performance doesn’t necessarily exclude that mode of writing. In a particle accelerator, fundamental units (atoms) are fired at each other in order to learn about their even more fundamental units (subatomic particles). In “Typeface,” the artists will find their way toward fundamental expression and articulation through the endurance aspect of the day-long performance, in hopes that the collisions will be similarly insightful and surprising.