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Anicka Austin - Love Letter to Self: An Ode to Audre, Cupid & the Cosmic Orgasm

“Love Letter to Self: An Ode to Audre, Cupid and the Cosmic Orgasm” is a durational movement experiment that speaks to pleasure and sensuality as primary vehicles for experiencing the world. The work references Lorde, in theme and sound score.

Audre Lorde’s essay ‘Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power’ is a mighty declaration of the capacity of pleasure, a ‘deeply female and spiritual’ sensation, to disrupt fallacies of success, happiness and joy perpetuated through a patriarchal lens. The erotic, in this context, is not solely sexual. It is the power to accept only the jobs, people and experiences with which we deeply connect. We thereby reject a view of eroticism that is largely defined by heterosexual, male and capitalistic standards.

This work intends to promote self love through reframing the body and touch as modalities that uplift beauty and our relationship to ourselves.