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Under Pressure Performance by Stephanie Leathers, "Valve"

Sunday SITES performs "Valve" for an entire day at VAE Raleigh. Stephanie Leathers (dancer) and Tom Rau (musician) will fill the space with movement, sound and questions that send bodies into motion. How are we present with others (community) and ourselves? How do we illuminate tensions between the human body and the civic landscape we're so rapidly revising? When vast construction cranes hover ominously over every corner, how do move among them?

Audience members are encouraged to move through, observe and interact with the performers. Level of involvement is up to the viewer. There is no right or wrong.

This performance is part of UNDER PRESSURE, a monthlong of endurance performance hosted by VAE.

Stephanie Leathers is a choreographer, photographer, educator, artist, and Durham native.  In addition to connecting and collaborating with members of the community, she is the curator of Sunday SITES, a site-responsive investigation on the theme of development. Currently, Stephanie is a dance educator for ADF’s Scripps Studios and Durham Public Schools.

Composer and musician, Tom Rau has created an original score for this work. Tom has been writing, playing music, and exploring experimental themes and archetypes in sound and writing for over 15 years. On April 18th at Mercury's Listening Room he will be playing original music and telling stories set to music and sound.

In addition to his own experimental band Big Hell, Tom Rau plays and tours with Durham mainstays, Shirlette Ammons, JKutchma and the Five Fifths, and Wowolfol. He is also a co-founder and contributor of a website and writing community called Across the Margin.

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