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Chandler Thomas - /Skein/

This durational performance, /skeɪn/, examines the generational impact of women’s narratives of legacy and scarcity in the rural South. Using materials of familial and personal significance to knit myself into a cocoon, unravel it, and repeat illustrates the passage of story and values throughout generations.

As Thomas adds skeins to each iteration of cocoon construction, the act of making becomes more complicated and the cocoon becomes more voluminous, chaotic, and uncomfortable for me to rest within.  

/skeɪn/examines the roles of these lessons in contemporary life. Lessons hinging on a fear of scarcity promote resourcefulness, but, in our culture of abundance, what happens when we cannot let objects go? /skeɪn/ also promotes meditation on the passage of values and story through generations. Showcasing the act of women’s work pushes the viewer to question the ways we create legacy beyond name, wealth, and property.

The cycle of construction and destruction with the choice of material in each cocoon iteration questions what values and stories we incorporate in our own construction of values and the legacies we wish to pass on.