Erika "Da Money" Corey is VAE's business ninja. There is no spread sheet, bank account or inventory system exempt from her scrutinizing administrative rigor. In her spare time, Erika volunteers at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in their Claritan testing unit, where she is valued for her high drug sensitivity and giddy feedback.

Paying the bills to keep the lights on at VAE is just one of the daily tasks Erika takes on each day. Her favorite responsibility is depositing all the monies so VAE can pay artists! Using an abacus is her secret weapon to conquering the day-to-day financial life of VAE. When she is not hiding out behind multiple computer screens with quickbooks and excel giving her face an eternal glow, she can be found in the front windows of VAE hanging art in the Exchange Gallery and rearranging in the Launch Shop working the right side of her brain. If she is not crunching numbers or hanging art, Erika enjoys laughing at just about anything.


  • Writing commission checks
  • Saying "orange"
  • Reconciling any and everything that has to do with financials

ERIKA HAS OFFICE HOURS ON THURSDAYS! Make an appointment to come chat with her.

919.828.7834 ext 5