The Project Goal

Envision Saint Agnes Hospital is a public art project organized by the Envision Planning Committee in conjunction with Project Coordinator Linda Dallas. The project utilizes visual and performing arts to honor and revitalize this important Raleigh landmark. The project goal is to create a public art installation, designed by Saint Augustine’s University students, that tells the story of Saint Agnes Hospital.

small st agnes panarama.jpg
design panorama small.jpg

The Site – Saint Agnes Hospital

Built in 1909 from stones quarried from Saint Augustine’s campus, this four-story structure was the second home of Saint Agnes Hospital (1896 -1961). Known as “The Healing Place”, Saint Agnes served the African-American community for 65 years providing both nurses training and medical care. In 1922, it was referred to as the only well-equipped hospital for Negroes between Washington D.C. and New Orleans, serving not only North Carolina but the adjacent states of Virginia and South Carolina. Today, the empty shell remains a beautiful edifice that reminds us of its valuable past and inspires us to imagine its vital future. 

Envisioning the Past / Empowering the Present

Raleigh is a vibrant and growing city. In this time of rapid change, many of the structures and sites significant to the African American history of the city are neglected, unidentified or have succumbed to the wrecking ball. Currently, the Saint Agnes Hospital site is an anonymous building shell surrounded by an unsightly, unwelcoming chain-link fence. The Envision Saint Agnes Hospital Project seeks to change this. Our objective is to create art experiences that illustrate the importance of the Hospital to Saint Augustine’s and the surrounding community. The project draws on the talent of Raleigh’s dynamic art community to enliven this historic site and to help others envision the history that has formed the thriving and diverse city that is Raleigh today.

ENVISION SAINT AGNES HOSPITAL is fiscally sponsored by VAE Raleigh, a 501(c)3 non-profit creativity incubator. All donations are tax-deductible.