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Don’t You Lie to Me (DYLTM) is a new podcast focusing on the visual arts in North Carolina. 

Co-created by Jeff Bell and Warren Hicks, DYLTM explores the personal and creative lives of artists and arts professionals living or exhibiting in North Carolina through informal interviews and unchecked conversation. Hicks and Bell are both visual artists and bring extensive museum and exhibitions experience to the podcast. Bell, DYLTM's primary interviewer, is currently the museum manager at the 21c Museum Hotel in Durham as well as an accomplished sculptor. Hicks is a multi-disciplinary artist and experienced preparator as well as the podcast’s producer. 

Appealing as much to the art-curious, general public as to the arts community, DYLTM introduces listeners to the talented artists in their communities. Artists talk about their work, tell stories about why they make their work and how they became artists, and reflect on art and community issues of the day. 

New Podcast Don’t You Lie to Me Warmly Colors in the Personalities of Area Artists , INDY week

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Don't You Lie to Me is fiscally sponsored by VAE Raleigh, a 501(c)3 non-profit creativity incubator. All donations are tax-deductible.