The face of greatness!

The face of greatness!

Brandon "YOUR FACE" Cordrey is a magical unicorn that likes to look up at the stars during the day and speculate why he can't see them. What else can't he see? Who knows. The world is mysterious, which fills Brandon with a child-like sense of wonder.

Brandon Cordrey is VAE's executive director. He's in charge of everything from working with the board to ensure VAE's work aligns with the mission of the organization, organizing our fundraising efforts and building programs for the creative community. He can often be found advocating for artists in the community!

He also oversees the 60+ exhibitions that VAE produces annually, keeps an open line of communication with artists, works to make VAE more accessible to people with disabilities, and offers support to the creative ideas that make Raleigh and North Carolina awesome! He was the director of exhibitions at VAE for three years before becoming captain of this ship. He is also an artist himself, receiving his degree in painting and drawing from East Carolina University. Prior to all the fun he has had at VAE he has worked at awesome places like Flanders Gallery, Arts Access, CAM Raleigh, and the Greenville Museum of Art. Brandon escapes to his studio as often as possible and has exhibited his work across the regional south.


  • exhibit your work
  • fueling your creative idea
  • accessibility at VAE

BRANDON HAS OFFICE HOURS ON THURSDAYS! Make an appointment to come chat with him.  

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