February 2 - March 30, 2019

The 4300
4300 Fayetteville Road
Raleigh NC, 27603

People of color in the United States have been systematically marginalized by both those in power and the institutions they represent.  Media has portrayed us as violent and uneducated, while history books describe us as savages with no moral standing. Since people of color don’t control media or write history books, the problem of inaccurate representation and depictions persist.

The Black on Black series has challenged those portrayals, sharing some of the historical oppression people of color have faced and the structures behind it. The series examined issues we face each day using sculpture, mixed media, paintings, performances, videos and more.

The third iteration of Black on Black, BOBV3, explores the programs and policies created by people of color that seek to find solutions to the continued oppression, degradation and daily emotional labor people of color endure. We highlight heroes in our community that work tirelessly on issues involving equity, self esteem and education.

We didn’t create the problems, but we have solutions. #BOBV3 

 Photo of Linda Dallas giving Mike William bunny ears as Mike talks

Guest curators Mike Williams and Linda Dallas, team up again to take BOBV3 to new levels. Mike Williams is the managing editor of Triangle Today, director of the Black on Black Project. Mike is also a mentor in the Neighbor2Neighbor program, and has a degree from North Carolina Central University. Linda Dallas is an artist with an active studio, a professor of visual arts at Saint Augustine's University, and the director of the Envision Saint Agnes project. Both Mike and Linda are creative individuals who are entrenched in their communities and focused on making them better. Their experience as organizers has made them effective leaders for all three Black on Black partnerships with VAE,