Professional Presentation refers to the materials that compliment and recommend your artwork to curators, gallery staff, customers and viewers. This is the polish that sets emerging artists apart from the pros!

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>ARTIST STATEMENTS: An important document to nail! This first person document reveals an artist's inner workings and inspirations. Here are some tips!

>ARTIST RESUMES + CVs: Tell the world about your accomplishments + qualifications with a clean, organized resume!

>ARTIST BIOS: a short piece of third person writing that summarizes your life and career!

>FRAMING & PRESENTATION: Framing can in fact make or break a piece of art! Let us show you how to present your work in its best possible light!

>PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR WORK: Getting good images of your art is absolutely essential! We've assembled some tips to get you looking pretty!

>PRICING YOUR WORK: Oh the dreaded question: "What's my art worth?" There are several different ways to determine the price of your artwork. Click here to read more!

>WEBSITES: These days it's very difficult to get far in the art world without a good online presence. the good news is that free resources are readily available! Click here to learn more.