Putting our money where our mouth is. 

Ignite is organized by a team of working artists, so we get it: inspiring summits can feel like window shopping without funds to get the ball rolling. That's why we budget a few thousand dollars to give away as Ignite Fellowships every year. 

This year we are hosting a charrette (a fancy word for guided group brain storming and planning) to group-think the idea of being creative allies. We'll workshop cool solutions and projects out, and any attendee(s) who want to seriously pursue projects inspired this year's summit are encouraged to apply for some project seed money to get things going. 

  • Attend the 2017 Ignite Creativity Summit on Saturday, April 1.* 
  • Participate in the charrette and get your creative juices flowing.
  • Apply for funding HERE. Your project must show some kind of conceptual tie-in to the summit theme of allies.**  Deadline: MAY 1.
  • Selected artists may be interviewed or asked to present a project update at SPARKcon 2017.
  • Awarded artists must acknowledge VAE and a partner sponsor in all promotional materials for the project.

*Preference will be shown to to applications from folks who attend Ignite Creativity Summit, in part because the summit is designed to help you put together a strong application. That said, if you have a ally-themed project but cannot participate in this year's summit you can still submit an application. Email Laken between April 1 and May1 for non-attendee info.
** This year's conceptual theme is ALLIES. Our goal is to figure out 1) how to use our creative skills to the benefit of others in a way that empowers them and 2) how being an ally in this way is both beneficial to the community AND to one's own professional career.
We're not trying to change or dissuade artists working with traditional media or subjects. There are many ways to be a creative ally that don't involve compromising your creative integrity (if that's a concern to you). Being an ally is really about being a good citizen and human being. There are ways to make acts of alliance into your art, but you don't HAVE to.